Indirizzo: Via Portuense, 292 - Roma     Telefono: +39 06.55170.1     P.IVA: 05080991002

Servizio di Fisioterapia

Il Servizio di Fisioterapia è aperto al pubblico dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 7.45 alle ore 14.30.
I locali sono situati all’interno della Struttura centrale dell’INMI L. Spallanzani al piano terra.
Il servizio eroga prestazioni riabilitative ai pazienti in regime di ricovero ordinario nelle varie UU.OO.CC. dell’Istituto.
Lo stesso, inoltre, eroga prestazioni di medicina fisica e riabilitativa incluse ed escluse dai Livelli Essenziali di Assistenza (L.E.A.) per gli utenti ambulatoriali.
Tutte le attività sono disciplinate da un apposito regolamento nel quale sono esplicitati i criteri di accesso al servizio e l’inserimento nella lista di attesa.
L’inserimento delle prestazioni nella lista d’attesa ambulatoriale avviene direttamente presso il Servizio di Fisioterapia.

Le prestazioni erogate dal servizio in regime ambulatoriale sono:

REGOLAMENTO per accedere al Servizio di Fisioterapia

Telefono: 0655170459 – 0655170708

Our physiotherapy service is opened to the public: 7.45 am — 14.30 pm, Monday — Friday.
We are located inside the Spallanzani central structure, on the ground floor.
Treatment may include education, advice and exercise to maximise independence and self-management strategies.
The inpatient service provides for the Institute’s units expert physiotherapy assessment, treatment and care to facilitate recovery following acute illness or surgery and to facilitate discharge home or onward referral for rehabilitation. We also offer services of physical and rehabilitation medicine, which are included or excluded from the Essential Levels of Assistance (E.L.A.) for the ambulatory outpatients.
All activities are disciplined by a specific regulation in which there are explained the criteria and access to the service as well as the enrolment in the waiting list.
The enrolment in the waiting list can be done directly in the Physiotherapy Service.
Ambulatory services:

Services included in E.L.A.  Services not included in E.L.A.
Neurologic Kinesitherapy Antalgic electrotherapy (lontophoresis, Tens, Diadynamica)
Partial and complex Kinesitherapy Laser therapy
Individual and collective postural exercises Ultrasound therapy
Respiratory exercises Therapeutic massages
Walking training
Electrical muscle stimulation and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Guidelines policy access to Physiotherapy Service

Phone: 0655170459 – 0655170708
Systemic (and Osteoarticular) Infections Ambulatory
Ambulatory service is on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9.00 am to 11.50 am. You can access to the service by prior appointment.
Location: Spallanzani outpatients ‘facilities
Systemic and Osteoarticular Infections Ambulatory is for inpatients and discharged patients from other units as well as for outpatients.
We provide specialist-consulting service for:

  • Follow-up of endocarditis/ sepsis/ bacterial and pace-maker infections;
  • Post cardiac surgery and cardiac transplant infections;
  • Osteoarticular and prosthesis infections;
  • Systemic infections.

Phone division:
It is possible to book your appointment through our hospital’s front offices, or the green number 069939 or email
Patients must come with a GP request form (making the request for a consultant appointment in Infectious Diseases) and at the booking office, you need to specify that you want to get to Systemic and Osteoarticular Infections Ambulatory.

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